Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nail polish haul

Here are some of the nail polishes I got today, I just wanted to give you a sneak peek since I will def. be doing individual posts on these babies. So here is what I got:

♥ OPI Baby Is "Coal" Outside (beautiful shimmery black)
♥ China Glaze Medallion (omg a-mazing glittery goodness!)
♥ Nina Ultra Pro in Purple-Xing (fun purple with multicolor shimmer and glitter)
♥ NUP in The Blue (navy blue)
♥ NUP in Pink Flamingo (creamy hot pink)

I got these at Sally's except for the OPI one. It's getting kind of annoying trying to find OPI nail polishes since Sally's is no longer carrying them. I had to get mine at Trade Secret and they suck with new collections. As for the Nina Ultra Pro polishes, well they were on sale (for only $1.99) and I've never tried them before so I picked them up to see if I like them! Let me know if you have tried them! :)

Kathy ♥

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