Monday, December 21, 2009

Dorothy Who?

Yes, I am back from my hiatus!!!

I hope you guys are having a lovely holiday season!

So being MIA didn't keep me from getting some new nail polishes haha. I must admit I think I have a problem, an obsession maybe...nah not really I just like to change my polish constantly lol

As you may know China Glaze just recently re-relased their "Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns" collection. This collection was previously released in 2001 and now is back by popular demand :)

It consists of 6 polishes: Ruby Pumps (classic!), Dorothy Who?, Good witch, C-c-courage, The ten man, and Cowardly Lyin'. Funny enough I'm so not a fan of this movie, but I really like the nail polishes.

I got my 2 favorite ones Ruby Pumps and Dorothy Who? (which I was lucky enough to get the very last bottle, yay for me.)

And here I present to you Dorothy Who?

It's been a while since I've seen such a gorg color, it's a beautiful glitter bomb. It has tiny silver and blue glitter suspended in an electric blue. Sadly the picture doesn't show how amazing it is.

Ruby Pumps was the only one that made it to their regular collection, so it's been around since then. I think this is the most popular CG color ever! It's red glitter that everyone should own, even if you're not a red fan like me :)

I tried to capture how glittery they both are, but FAIL! Sorry for my poor light and camera skills (or lack of).

Anyway, I hope you guys go check out this collection!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

NUP Pink Flamingo

As promised here is Nina Ultra Pro nail polish in Pink Flamingo.
I just could not wait to try this one!

In my neverending search for the perfect pink, I knew I had to get it from the moment I lay my eyes on it!
It is what I would define as Barbie pink. But since everyone seems to be using that adj. to describe every single variation of pink there is....I'm not sure...but at least for me it is!

Like I said in my previous post I've never really given NUP the light of day, I guess I was stuck in a rut with my OPI, Orly and China Glaze obsession.
I have to say I really like the formulation because it is easily applied. I only used 2 coats for this and it was not streaky whatsoever and that's always a good sign.

It's very creamy and has a nice shine to it. As for the wear, we'll just have to wait and see, but I used my trusty Seche Vite topcoat so I have high hopes for it! Overall I see myself buying some more of NUP before the $1.99 sale is over!!! :)


Nail polish haul

Here are some of the nail polishes I got today, I just wanted to give you a sneak peek since I will def. be doing individual posts on these babies. So here is what I got:

♥ OPI Baby Is "Coal" Outside (beautiful shimmery black)
♥ China Glaze Medallion (omg a-mazing glittery goodness!)
♥ Nina Ultra Pro in Purple-Xing (fun purple with multicolor shimmer and glitter)
♥ NUP in The Blue (navy blue)
♥ NUP in Pink Flamingo (creamy hot pink)

I got these at Sally's except for the OPI one. It's getting kind of annoying trying to find OPI nail polishes since Sally's is no longer carrying them. I had to get mine at Trade Secret and they suck with new collections. As for the Nina Ultra Pro polishes, well they were on sale (for only $1.99) and I've never tried them before so I picked them up to see if I like them! Let me know if you have tried them! :)

Kathy ♥

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarlett Johansson Glamour inspired nails

So the beautiful Scarlett was in this month's cover of Glamour mag. and I was totally loving her mani in some of the pics, so I decided to try it out myself!

As you can tell it is kind of difficult to really appreciate the design she has on her nails, but they look really cool anyway.

So here is my take, tada! lol

It is really abstract and def. not perfect, but I like it!

The products I used were:
OPI Bride's bouquet (white)
Kiss Brush on nail art (black)
Seche Vite base and top coat

Please note: Even though the pictures might deceive you, NO I'm not a pro. *wink,wink* ;P
This is just for fun, and it was ispired by her nails so is not meant to look exactly like hers.

Let me know what you guys think!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink Zebra Nails

Ok, so I was feeling a little inspired the other day and decided to try out some stupidly easy nail art.
I never really do anything more to my nails than just plain old polish, I leave the artsy masterpieces to the pros.
But after watching some tutorials on YT, I decided to try this one myself.

I found that it was super easy, but it does take some time (which is a downside because I'm impatient!).
I loved it so much that I ended up doing my toes as well, and those looked AWESOME!, sadly I won't show my huge feet in here... dignity issues LOL

I used Orly Basketcase, to give it a pink punky edge which I loved. And for the lines I just used Kiss Brush on nail art paint. Then I finished it up with Seche Vite topcoat. I guess I had to wait a little longer for the stripes to dry, because I ended up smudging it a little..still looked cute though!

Btw it lasted a good 6 days on my nails, that's why I'm really loving Seche Vite base and topcoat! That stuff is awesome, it doesn't compare at all to Sally's megashine!

Hope you like, let me know what you think.

Over the Rainbow

Hey guys!

I just wanted to quickly share this pic with you.
It's not makeup or anything but def. beauty related :)

Can you spot the rainbow?

This was taken right after it rained ... a lot! I could only capture one side since it was huge, but it's still beautiful.
I love rainbows, I think there's something very fairy-tale-like about them haha.

xoxo Kathy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sally's Mini Haul

Ok, so just a quick post on a couple of things I got at Sally's Beauty Supply.

After watching raving reviews on YouTube about this particular product, I knew I had to get it asap, the thing is it actually took me awhile to get it because I was convinced I didn't need it, but anyway I did LOL! (Damn YT!)

It's the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. It's supposed to revitalise greasy, dull hair between washes and leave your hair feeling clean like you actually washed it.

No excuse for not washing your hair though...

I've only used it once and so far so good, it leaves your hair smelling super fresh and it also does what it promises so yay for that! Only downside is that it leaves a white powdery residue, but it eventually disappears once you work it in.

I also picked up the ION Ionic Ceramic Paddle Brush. It says it's treated with natural ionic energy a blend of tourmaline and Japanese ionic-ceramic minerals (whatever that means...the words ion,ceramic and tourmaline made me buy it...)

Also I got these little babies right here...
Seche Vite Crystal Clear base coat, and the Dry fast top coat.
I will be making proper reviews on this ones later. As for now all I have to say is bye bye to my Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat. :)


OPI Manicurist of Seville

As you may already know Manicurist of Seville is part of the OPI Espana Collection. I only got this beautiful shade from this collection but I might go back and get Pamplona Purple which I also liked a lot.

This is described as a deep sangria color, which translates into a maroon/redish/ wine color. In some lights it ever looks like a deep rasberry color.It is perfect for this fall and winter.

I'm not usually into deep reds or wine polishes, but I don't know why lately I've been liking them a lot!
What I love about this shade is that it's very creamy and looks almost kind of vampy(oh yeah and looks really cute on my toes!) :)

Let me know if you like!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Grand Entrance

I've been meaning to do this post for a while but for some reason I haven't. But here it is at last!

Just wanted to share with you the beauty of MAC Grand Entrance LE e/s and a little dorky swatch thrown in as well.

As you already know from my previous post on the MAC Love that look collection, the starflash finish is my absolute favorite along with veluxe pearl which can be very similar.

MAC describes it as a frosty peach beige. As for me well I don't see much of the peachy-ness, but it is a beautiful shimmery champagne color.

I use it all over my eyelid with something simple like Carbon, Espresso, or Shadowy Lady on the crease. Or just as a higlight on my inner V, and it makes me look very bright eyed and awake which is always a good thing :).

I always go for e/s that can be used over and over on a daily basis but that also look amazing for a night out and this one is very versatile, since you can pair it with shimmers or matte finishes and still looks amazing.

Also it photographs beautifully! (Hope you like my swatch lol)

Grand Entrance has been compared with Stila Kitten, and apparently it's a really good dupe for it, I can't tell because I don't own it but in pics it looks really similar. So if you missed GE, you might want to check out Stila Kitten.

Def. one to have! I loooove it!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Couture Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture

So I finally got the opportunity to smell this gorgeous new scent by Juicy Couture and I must say I LOVE it!

I seriously need to get this perfume and I recommend you trying it out because chances are you will love it too.

Juicy always wins me over with their amazingly cute and vintage-y looking perfume bottles that are to die for, but with this new on come on is just perfection haha. But just look at that beauty! Cuuute!

Since I won't be able to describe the scent for the life of me, this is what Juicy says it smells like:

"Go Couture Yourself.
with luscious mandarin wrapped in natural orange flower and a succulent pink grape accord on top...the middle notes sparkle with star jasmine, honeysuckle and blushed plum and dry down to warm cozy background glittered with amber, vanilla and creamy sandalwood."

Just for fun,these are their previous perfumes.

Juicy Couture
I've had the 3.4 fl oz for almost 2 years now and I still have some left!

"Starts with sweet fruits, heavy on the watermelon. As it dries down, the sweetness is cut momentarily by the water hyacinth and a vague touch of green, but it is amped up again as the white florals take the stage, and again later as the caramel and vanilla come into play. The tuberose predominates only for a short time, after that, it smells like indistinct white florals. The base is rather light, at least in the Eau de Parfum concentration, and is painted in tones that are more cool than warm, so despite the sweetness and the caramel crème brulée and vanilla."

Viva la Juicy

"Wild berries and mandarins, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. To round it out, amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, and praline add just the right touch of sweetness."


Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOTD Orly Purple Crush

Here is what's on my nails right now :)

Don't let the name fool you because this baby is more of a redish purple than what you might expect. It's kind of hard to get a good pic of the actual color, but this one is close enough.

I really like Orly nail polishes because they're easy to apply thanks to the long applicator and medium sized brush.It goes on very evenly and shiny, only 2 coats and you're good to go.
Hope you like!


Monday, September 7, 2009

OPI Matte Russian Navy

I thought it was love but it wasn't.

I really wanted to really like this new matte nail polish trend, but honestly I just don't.
I was super excited when I first heard about this trend, and so I when OPI decided to come out with six of their most famous shades in a matte finish I just couldn't wait to try them.

And then I had to choose which shade to try since I didn't want to buy them all and then come to the realization that I didn't really like them.

Between Lincoln Park After Dark, Alpine Snow, You Don't Know Jacques!,Gargantuan Green Grape, La Paz-itively Hot, and Russian Navy ... I went with the last one.

In my mind this was going to be the perfect navy blue with the matte twist to it. In reality is just a blah deep blue shade.

I got people's attention alright...from quick discreet glances to full on comments. For example my hubby immediately had to comment on how weird my nail polish looked, he's actual words "what happened to your nails, they look like flat paint". I just laughed because it was true and he actually noticed the lack of glossines on my nails LOL.

On to the wear of this polish.... well don't expect much. Each bottle comes with a tag with instructions and a tip.

It says:

Matte by OPI does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Lacquer. (BELIEVE IT!!!)
Do not use a base coat, top coat, drying products, or hand lotion when wearing Matte.
Do an all Matte nail. Or do a Matte nail with a matching Gloss tip.

Well after a max. of 3 hours you end up with a chipping chaos and dry hands.
Not cute.
It doesn't last at all, but you can try a Matte top coat and see how it goes. It did last a good 5 days on my toes with minor chipping incidents.

Maybe I should've tried the cute pink Paz-itively Hot, instead of this one. Oh well I guess I will try it with a matte topcoat eventually and see how it works.

But Matte nails...mmmhh I don't think you're my type.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 3 Favorite Dark nail polishes

After reading a post from the lovely Ella (ellacinderellax)and having a nail polish obsession myself I knew I had to do this post. I have a lot of favorite nail polishes and it's really hard to choose just 3 but I figured I'm particulary drawn to either black, almost black, and pink colors haha so that's what I'm going to show you in the next few posts.

When it comes to nail polishes I don't really follow trends. Even though I do wear brights during the summer time and dark ones during fall, I don't really have rules so I just use the ones that I like and that's it!

Ok, so here are the ones that I chose. All of these are by OPI and as you can see they all look alike, but are very different at the same time.

From left to right we have:

Lincoln Park After Dark

This is in my opinion the color to get from OPI. It is a very deep purple, almost black but not quite black. It's also super sexy, chic and classic shade. Def. one to get.

Light My Saphire

Another almost black shade but this time it's a really dark navy with silver micro shimmers. Really gorgeous color!!!

Brand New Skates

This is a charcoal color with beautiful gold shimmers. This is not a dark color, but still is a grey so I'm counting this one! lol It's really sheer so you need 3 coats to really get the true color. I got this polish mainly because it reminded me so much of my very first MAC eyeshadow, which was the mineralized eyeshadow trio in Word of Mouth. I really love this one :)

My top 3 Favorite Pink nail polishes, will be here soon. So keep an eye out for that!

xoxo Kathy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smoke and Diamonds

A few months ago I as obsessed with MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow.

Right now the object of my obsession is another eyeshadow also by MAC. It has in my opinion the most alluring name, kind of mysterious, and kind of chic.

I'm talking of course about the gorgeous Smoke and Diamonds.

This is a starflash eyeshadow that was repromoted with the Love That Look Collection. MAC describes it as a frosty dirty taupe, I say is more like a grayish brown, pewter gray. Either way it is a beautiful color, perfect for a smokey eye (my fave). You can either use it all over the lid with a little bit of Carbon on the outer V, or just pairing it with another color and applying only to the crease.

As I mentioned before Smoke and Diamonds was previously released last year, with the Starflash collection. This eyeshadows are very creamy to the touch, very blendable, and very pigmented.

I was really excited to get this eyeshadow, because everyone raved about it, now I can't get enough smoke and diamonds either.

What else can I say? Go grab it if you haven't already!!!

Here is a dorky swatch for you guys haha :)

Do you recommend any other eyeshadow from the Love That Look Collection? I'm thinking about getting Grand Entrance but I'm not sure.

xoxo Kathy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Face Makeup Rutine

One of the reasons I love reading beauty blogs is because I get to steal a peek at what other girls use on their faces on a daily basis, I'm just curious like that and I figured you are too!

So that's why I decided to show you girls what I have been using almost every single day for a couple of months.

Yes, I said months because once I find a rut I like and works I stick with it for ages (I'm very habitual and have issues with change...but that's off topic lol <3)>

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (NC30)

This is my holy grail foundation and I have no idea how I could've lived without it for so long. I'm fairly new to MAC and makeup in general, so this is only my second bottle of this amazing foundation. It has medium coverage, spf 15 which is always good, and most importantly it stays put, even in the heat it lasts the whole day without running. What else can I say, LOVE it! I truly recommend trying it.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 (NW 30, 20)

Again, this concealer changed my life! I have some serious issues with undereye dark circles, and tried a few concealers that were awful and didn't do any good, but then I found this and omg! I swear this stuff is great and it will cover almost anything. Only downside is that it's a bit drying, but it has too many pros to pay attention to that.

MAC Prep+Prime

I didn't get this when it initially came out, but I'm happy I finally did. It is an amazing setting powder that will leave your skin feeling super smooth and silky. I like it because it helps control my oily T zone. I will def. buy it again.

MAC Select Sheer/Loose Powder (NC 30)

I like to use loose powders to set my foundation, and my prep+prime hasn't been able to truly replace this one. I love this one because it has a bit of micro shimmers on it whereas the prep+prime is completely matte.

MAC Matte

In an effort to control the insane oil production that my T zone produces I got this. To be honest I'm not really sure I love it yet (even though I want to). You're supposed to use this underneath or on top of makeup, heck sometimes I even do two layers of this and still it doesn't convince me. Let's see what happens... If you have any suggestions to make it work please let me know, it will be truly appreciated by my shiny nose. :)

Nars Laguna Bronzer

A cult favorite. And with a reason. This is the best bronzer ever, not too brown not too orangey. As many others I go through love and hate phases with this one but overall I love it. So if you're fair you do need a light hand and the right brush. I use this to contour and dust a bit on my cheeks and temples, not too much. I recommend you getting this, you will love it to pieces (and maybe hate it sometimes...but no j/k this is love)

Chanel Double Perfection SPF 10

This is what I use if I need to touch up during the day. This is a powder that you can use wet or dry, and it works as a foundation as well. It's really silky and soft, plus the chic packaging doesn't hurt either.

So that's about it! Any thoughts or recommendations for me? Let me know!

xoxo Kathy

Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite MAC blushes

Here I present to you my favorite MAC blushes.

Most of them are mineralize blushes, with the exception of the lovely Tippy which is a beauty powder blush.

First we have Moon River, as probably all of you already know on one half we have the actual blush and on the other a mineralize skin finish.

This is Love Rock and it is an absolute beauty. This is limited edition so if you don't have it yet do whatever you can to find it and get your hands on it!
I must admit I got both of these blushes after watching lollipop26 raving about them, and I'm so happy I did. And if you haven't seen Laura's videos yet go now! she's my favorite yt guru <3>

Ok, here is Tippy the beauty powder blush from the MAC Hello Kitty collection. What can I say... I LOVE this!!! This has got to be the best blush I've ever used. It has such a smooth texture and is super pigmented so a little goes a really long way. I've heard it's even better than Dollymix.

Here we have Dainty mineralize blush. It is such a pretty peachy pink color that goes with everything. I find it to be very pigmented as well, and if you're wondering it is kind of similar to Moon River but different enough. : ) This was my first MAC blush, so I really recommend it.

This last one is Love thing, again very pigmented. As you can see it is a very deep plumy color with gold shimmers on it, so you need the right brush to apply it. For this one I use the 187 brush instead of the 129. When I first got it I hated it and almost returned it because it was too dark but now is one of my favorites.

Which blushes do you recommend?
xoxo Kathy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pretty Baby

Hey! I just wanted to share this pics of one of my loves with you. This is my gorgeous persian kitty, her name is Lola Pink. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?! LOL You can check out a tiny clip feat. Miss Lola here

He loves me... he loves me not...

xoxo Kathy

Grape Juice

This really pretty shade of purple is from China Glaze and the name, well you guess.......?
Yes! it's called Grape Juice. I like it so much because it has tiny silver shimmers that makes it look very shiny. You need more than one coat because is kinda sheer at first, in the pic I have 3 coats but 2 will do just fine.
I only own a couple of China Glaze, because I find that some shades last longer than others but overall it is a great brand with a million and one colors to chose from.
Let me know what your favorite nail polishes are!

xoxo Kathy <3

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yes there's more...

Here is another MAC inspired look, this time from the Dame Edna collection. This is how it came out, the lavender is a bit darker on the nails but whatever! i liked it haha.

And here is what I used:
Orly in Cashmere Cardigan
Cover Girl Boundless Color in Disco Dazzle (405)

Two nail products I'm all over right now are these

I use OPI Ridge Filler as a base and after I apply my nail color I use the Sally Hansen Mega Shine. I heard about this topcoat from makeupbytiffanyd (she's amazing go check her out here: She swears by this, and even says is almost the same as Seche Vite. I love it because it dries your nails in like 2 minutes which is insane and makes your nails super super shine. The only downside is that at least for me, it seems to make the polish chip a lot faster. That's not an issue for me though because I'm always changing my nail polish.
Comments and suggestions are always welcomed, so type away! : )
Hope you like
xoxo Kathy

Let the nail polish obsession begin...

I have always loved nail polish.

I remember when I was five and use to wear nail polish with multicolor glitter to kindergarden, yeah I was allowed and I loved it. Fast foward 19 years later and guess what?! I still love nail polish haha! I have a pretty decent collection of polishes but only recently have I discovered the wonders of higher end nail polishes, I'm not talking about the crazy expensive Chanel or YSL nail polishes, just plain and less expensive OPI, Orly and the infamous China Glaze.I'm not a professional manicurist or anything, I just love nail polish.

Here are some pics I took just to share something with you guys, I hope you like. And btw lets ignore my cuticles and the fact that I can't seem to paint inside the lines haha :)

I'm all about pink so is no wonder this is one of my favorite nail colors, it's called Basket Case (like the Greenday song that I also love). This color is almost exactly the same as the MAC Heatherette collection packaging, so if you like it I truly recommend :)

Here is my Heatherette inspired look...

This is what I used: Orly in Basket Case and Cover Girl Boundless Color in Disco Dazzle (405)

Hope you like it
xoxo Kathy

OMG my first post! <3

Hey guys!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, I hope you like and stick around for awhile. Here I will post anything that I love, really. I'm just here to have fun and make new friends. I've been reading beauty related blogs for almost a year now, since I discovered the makeup community on youtube. I have a youtube account ( but I still don't have the guts to make some vids of my own, but I sure will someday... I'm just shy LOL. But anyway let me know what you think, I love to hear from you guys! :)

So here it is my first blog post yay!!! I'm so excited <33

xoxo Kathy