Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Couture Yourself!

Don't you just love Juicy Couture?

I know I do!

A couple of months I did a post on their perfumes and told you guys how I really really wanted to get my hands on their new fragance Couture Couture, well the wait is over! It is finally here!

I got the gift set that includes the 1.7 FL oz Eau de parfum spray, 4.2 FL oz Body lotion and shower gel.

You have to admit Juicy Couture is pretty darn fabulous when it comes to their perfume bottles, they're the cutest! As you can see it has a this amazing crest with the letters JC on it, a golden Love G&P charm with a little crowned J, and a pink zipper around the bottle haha. :)

Since I really can't describe how awesome this smells, here is what JC says it smell like:

"This scent opens with a top of succulent pink grape accord frolicking in a field of natural orange flower and mandarin. A heart of blushed plum and honeysuckle flirts with bold star jasmine. At back, creamy sandalwood lazes with moist amber in a haze of rich vanilla."

Couture couture works really well for me because it's sweet but not overly sweet and I must admit I'm really impressed at how long lasting it actually is. I don't know why but I always get the most compliments when I'm wearing a JC perfume. So if you're a JC fan I recommend you don't miss this one :)

What's your favorite Juicy perfume?



  1. My fav is Viva La Juicy :) I spose its the most "immature" perfume out of all the Juicy collection! I absolutely lvoe it though! The packaging is SO gorgeous, but if you take of the lid, all it is is the glass bottle with a gold solid stamp on it lol

  2. Haha I don't think any of their perfumes are very mature at all. Viva La Juicy is the only one I'm missing, I really like it though :)

  3. I'm not to keen on the this one but i love the 1st two especially Viva La Juicy. They have a new one that has just come out in the UK but it's exclusive to 1 store so i'm hoping to get there and check it out :).
    please check out my blog and hopefully follow me
    Love Nicole xoxo