Monday, January 4, 2010

A little Tiffany's pour moi

This Christmas I received my very first Tiffany's little blue boxes! Yay!

You won't believe how excited I was when I got them.
Of course is not all about the iconic little boxes with the beautiful tied bow. Is actually more about the memory of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's,the beautiful ads and commercials, the fact that Carrie Bradshaw made one of their neklaces an icon, Marilyn Monroe singing about it... well you get my point.

I couldn't get over at how cute they were so I took pics haha :)

The bows weren't white as I always envisioned them to be, but they were red specially made for this holiday season. So I must get another piece, just for the white bow, right?

Here's what I got! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Return To Tiffany heart tag (in small if you were wondering) and my little baby Heart shaped Key (1 inch long)! Isn't it adorable? I also got a 16 inch sterling silver chain which I wear whit the RTT heart tag. As for the key, I wear it on a 32 inch silver chain. Its a cute looking combo :)

I've always loved Tiffany & Co. and now I am pleased to announce that I'm obsessed. So I'm hoping I get a bracelet for my birthday later this month.

Btw if you have any suggestions to keep them shiny and clean, please let me know :)



  1. hola!
    ya veo tu colgantito Tiffany's, sí es como el mío, me encanta la llave!! además, ahora las llaves son todo un clásico ♥
    que lo disfrutes! xx

  2. I always store my Tiffinys bits in their little bags and boxes, keeping it away from too much air will help stop tarnishing. I also use a little cloth with special silver cleaning oil stuff in it (haha, sorry, I don't know the proper name!) and buff them about once a month to keep them shiney.

    I want one of the bracelets too! They are lovely :)

  3. @Becky- Thanks for the tip :)
    I actually got the cloth that you're talking about but I don't know the name either haha. I was surprised at how much dirt it had on it from only a couple of uses, ew!