Saturday, September 12, 2009

Couture Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture

So I finally got the opportunity to smell this gorgeous new scent by Juicy Couture and I must say I LOVE it!

I seriously need to get this perfume and I recommend you trying it out because chances are you will love it too.

Juicy always wins me over with their amazingly cute and vintage-y looking perfume bottles that are to die for, but with this new on come on is just perfection haha. But just look at that beauty! Cuuute!

Since I won't be able to describe the scent for the life of me, this is what Juicy says it smells like:

"Go Couture Yourself.
with luscious mandarin wrapped in natural orange flower and a succulent pink grape accord on top...the middle notes sparkle with star jasmine, honeysuckle and blushed plum and dry down to warm cozy background glittered with amber, vanilla and creamy sandalwood."

Just for fun,these are their previous perfumes.

Juicy Couture
I've had the 3.4 fl oz for almost 2 years now and I still have some left!

"Starts with sweet fruits, heavy on the watermelon. As it dries down, the sweetness is cut momentarily by the water hyacinth and a vague touch of green, but it is amped up again as the white florals take the stage, and again later as the caramel and vanilla come into play. The tuberose predominates only for a short time, after that, it smells like indistinct white florals. The base is rather light, at least in the Eau de Parfum concentration, and is painted in tones that are more cool than warm, so despite the sweetness and the caramel crème brulée and vanilla."

Viva la Juicy

"Wild berries and mandarins, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. To round it out, amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, and praline add just the right touch of sweetness."



  1. OMG I heart Juicy Couture, I love everything Juicy especially the perfume's & will have to try this one out... great review, feel free to say hi or send me a comment on my blog!