Friday, September 25, 2009

Sally's Mini Haul

Ok, so just a quick post on a couple of things I got at Sally's Beauty Supply.

After watching raving reviews on YouTube about this particular product, I knew I had to get it asap, the thing is it actually took me awhile to get it because I was convinced I didn't need it, but anyway I did LOL! (Damn YT!)

It's the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. It's supposed to revitalise greasy, dull hair between washes and leave your hair feeling clean like you actually washed it.

No excuse for not washing your hair though...

I've only used it once and so far so good, it leaves your hair smelling super fresh and it also does what it promises so yay for that! Only downside is that it leaves a white powdery residue, but it eventually disappears once you work it in.

I also picked up the ION Ionic Ceramic Paddle Brush. It says it's treated with natural ionic energy a blend of tourmaline and Japanese ionic-ceramic minerals (whatever that means...the words ion,ceramic and tourmaline made me buy it...)

Also I got these little babies right here...
Seche Vite Crystal Clear base coat, and the Dry fast top coat.
I will be making proper reviews on this ones later. As for now all I have to say is bye bye to my Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat. :)


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