Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let the nail polish obsession begin...

I have always loved nail polish.

I remember when I was five and use to wear nail polish with multicolor glitter to kindergarden, yeah I was allowed and I loved it. Fast foward 19 years later and guess what?! I still love nail polish haha! I have a pretty decent collection of polishes but only recently have I discovered the wonders of higher end nail polishes, I'm not talking about the crazy expensive Chanel or YSL nail polishes, just plain and less expensive OPI, Orly and the infamous China Glaze.I'm not a professional manicurist or anything, I just love nail polish.

Here are some pics I took just to share something with you guys, I hope you like. And btw lets ignore my cuticles and the fact that I can't seem to paint inside the lines haha :)

I'm all about pink so is no wonder this is one of my favorite nail colors, it's called Basket Case (like the Greenday song that I also love). This color is almost exactly the same as the MAC Heatherette collection packaging, so if you like it I truly recommend :)

Here is my Heatherette inspired look...

This is what I used: Orly in Basket Case and Cover Girl Boundless Color in Disco Dazzle (405)

Hope you like it
xoxo Kathy

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