Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smoke and Diamonds

A few months ago I as obsessed with MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow.

Right now the object of my obsession is another eyeshadow also by MAC. It has in my opinion the most alluring name, kind of mysterious, and kind of chic.

I'm talking of course about the gorgeous Smoke and Diamonds.

This is a starflash eyeshadow that was repromoted with the Love That Look Collection. MAC describes it as a frosty dirty taupe, I say is more like a grayish brown, pewter gray. Either way it is a beautiful color, perfect for a smokey eye (my fave). You can either use it all over the lid with a little bit of Carbon on the outer V, or just pairing it with another color and applying only to the crease.

As I mentioned before Smoke and Diamonds was previously released last year, with the Starflash collection. This eyeshadows are very creamy to the touch, very blendable, and very pigmented.

I was really excited to get this eyeshadow, because everyone raved about it, now I can't get enough smoke and diamonds either.

What else can I say? Go grab it if you haven't already!!!

Here is a dorky swatch for you guys haha :)

Do you recommend any other eyeshadow from the Love That Look Collection? I'm thinking about getting Grand Entrance but I'm not sure.

xoxo Kathy

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